#ADVHistory: Nike Airport, 1998

Nike Airport” 1998 is one of my favourite tv ads ever: simplicity, fun, dreams and cool characters melted in 90 seconds, by the agency Wieden+Kennedy. This ad was taken 22 years ago, when the World Cup still had a meaning in football, the world was perceived a little “larger” and players where not as “trimmed” by press offices the way they are now. Players were normal people, speaking like normal people, getting bored in an airport like all of us. This ad starts from this, and bring the forbidden dream of every traveller: having a ball to play with in the boredom moments.

Starring, the Brasilian National Team: the most skillful team at the time, and the funniest to watch playing. Icons as Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Rivaldo, Edmilson, Ronaldo – the real one – are on their way to France 1998 and they start playing at the airport, chased by security.

Nike Airport Advertising 1998 is one of the cases where fame gets beyond results: although this team lost the World cup, raise your hand if you are more than 25 and you never thought about this video while waiting at the gate. Again, raise your hand if you don’t think about football while listening “Mas Que Nada” di Sergio Mendes. The messages of the ads are genius, too: 1. “A Nike ball is all you need to get out of the boredom” 2. “Brasilian football is unique, smiley, funny and so is Nike next to it” 3. “Even Ronaldo can miss a chance, everybody does. They are like you: a pair of nike shoes is all you need“.
Watch this… until the end!

Ronaldo Nike Commercial 1998 Brasil Airport ( Romario, Dunga ...

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